Thinking of quitting your business?

You are not alone… The truth is – all successful people think of it at least once, more probably many times during their career as an entrepreneur.

The difference is that (eventually)  successfull people might think of quitting but never do, while those who don’t give themselves a chance to succeed, often quit before they even start, and they don’t even know it!

So, what are the warning signs? Here are top 5:

1. Beginning to justify why you don’t really have to do this business.

2. Avoiding contact with your support leader/leaders or a person who introduced you to your company/opportunity.

3. Finding new things to do or simply keeping yourself so busy with « stuff » that it is simply « impossible » to consider doing anything else!

4. Avoiding getting involved in a process, eg reviewing information that you were supposed to get familiar with to start your business, participating in team’s events, webinars, conference calls, Facebook groups… thus making the business process look « difficult »

5.  Avoiding using products/services of the company or looking for possible faults or negatives in them (yes, even if you were SO excited just a short while ago about them!)

And there are many others – to keep you from achieving your goals and dreams! The bottom line is this: if you are thinking of or doing whatever makes you justify why you don’t « have to » do this business, you are talking yourself into quitting!

The difficulty is that we never want to admit that this is what we are doing, and often it is hard to see. Funny thing is that your leader already knows, however, in the « quitting » state of mind it is almost impossible for you  to accept guidance and advice…

What is the solution?

First of all, ADMIT to yourself that you are talking yourself out of business!!! I learnt a very useful expression a while ago through a Personal Development program by Bob Proctor «  You Were Born Rich » : YOU CANNOT ESCAPE A PRISON, IF YOU DON’T KNOW YOU ARE IN ONE! How very true! If you don’t know that you have a problem, you will not be looking to find a solution.

Secondly, review your WHY – reasons why you started in your business, your company. Don’t « push » those reasons away, justifying why you don’t « have to » achieve your goals. Be honest to yourself!

Thirdly, reconnect with your Sponsor or your Leader and seek advice on how to start more efficiently, honestly stating your reasons why you haven’t done much yet or why you stopped or « disappeared ».

Another useful strategy that always worked for me was PLANNING. When you think that you have to do your business « full-on », it is always more difficult to start. However, when you plan even 15-20 minutes activities per day, the seemingly « huge «  task becomes much easier to handle.

I personally experienced those « thinking of quitting » moments many times in my business. All of those moments had, what I thought at those times, very valid reasons for me to quit. After all, woudn’t it be better to stop « wasting energy and time » and put my efforts into something else, like, going back to « normal » job and have a stability of a regular (and very mediocre) income? Plus, who wants to handle those emotional challenges, when people can easily « let you down » or criticise you?

The truth is: there is a price to pay to become a 6 and 7-figure income earner: learning to handle emotions and staying in the game regardless how tempting and seemingly logical the ideas of quitting can apprear.

Some years ago, while I was in the middle of one of those « moments of doubt » and seriously considered quitting, instead of stopping my business, I decided to « put myself in a position to win » as one of personal development trainers once said. I went to a special seminar and had a privilege of personally meeting Jim Rohn, a true pioneer in Direct Sales industry. Not only that, I had a special time with him among 20 or so other people to have extra time over a lunch break to ask some questions.

This was my question to Jim Rohn: «  Why people quit this business, when they really want it to work when they start? » 

Jim Rohn’s answer to me was: «  People TALK THEMSELVES OUT of the business or they LET OTHER PEOPLE TALK THEM OUT of the business » . 

How true is this! People don’t quit for any other reasons – we don’t really invest money to build a Direct Sales business, we don’t mortgage our houses to do that, we don’t even need an enormous amount of time… The only reason to quit is to « convince » ourselves to do that.

In my opinion, it is better to spend our emotions and energy on convincing ourselves why we should continue, rather than spending the same amount (or even more) of emotions and energy on justifying why we should quit!

If you are thinking of quitting, push that « emergency button » and reach out for help – connect with your leader and get some guidance on how to move forward!

It seems hard to do but, in fact,  very easy – to get back in a game. I promise, you will feel much better when you do that.

If you are in a place where you are so « stuck » that you don’t know what to do, you can send me a message through a contact form and I will be happy to share some ideas from my personal experiences.





  1. This is sooo true. We often justify why we don’t do the very things that will improve our lives. Any excuse will do !!!!


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