pexels-photo-594610.jpegWhat do you normally expect when you start in a new opportunity?

I don’t know about you, but I can tell you what I thought would happen to me …

  1. I thought that all my friends and family would be as excited as I was and would support me and join me in my company.
  2. I thought that everyone (OK, maybe not everyone but at least majority of people I talk to) would be at least open to information.
  3. I thought that all the politics and competition  would be left behind in another “before” life and everything would go nice and smooth in my new business.
  4. I though that everyone would be happy with my achievements and everyone joining me would be in my team forever and become my best friends.
  5. I thought my sponsor ( the person who introduced me) would be always there for me and would always be supporting me.
  6. I thought that when I start creating income, it would continue to grow and never fall back.
  7. I thought that I would always be in control of my business and my income, and know exactly what to expect.

This is what actually happened:

  1. When I started talking to my friends and family about my new company, I came across a lot of negativity and rejections. Some of my closest friends and work colleagues were so negative, that our relationships became very tense… My dad initially joined me, but soon after started trying to talk me out of being involved, saying that it was probably a “scam” … Some of my friends even started avoiding me!
  2. When I started approaching people to tell them about exciting products and a new business opportunity, there were many who not only were negative, but even rude during my meetings… and some didn’t even come to appointments without letting me know that they would not be there!
  3. I found that there were different groups in the same company, working in different systems of operations or using different methods and constantly competing with each other. From time to time the positions of these groups would change. Sometimes, I felt I was in the “right” group with lots of achievers, myself including. Throughout other times during my career, I felt that the groups that I was a part of didn’t have enough system structure or growth and secretly wished I was in another group. I also learnt that I could not really trust all other leaders in the company – some of them could be your best friend at one time, but de-edify you at another time.
  4.  I had a couple in my team who joined me quite early in my career and later went to  another opportunity,  causing a lot of damage to my business. That was hard as I considered them to also be my friends, as well as business colleagues. To make it worse, they did it when my husband and I were overseas for a company trip that we qualified for, and they took that as an opportunity to approach my team for their new company!
  5. My sponsor joined another company as well (hard to believe, but true!) and was expelled from our company after she was caught prospecting her team for another opportunity (wanted to double-up on already huge income?). So after all, she wasn’t there for me as she promised at the beginning.
  6. My income grew amazingly well at the beginning, however there was a time when after all these dramas it fell from about $17,000 per month to $6,500 per month in a very short period of time and my weekly events with 70-100 people in the room scaled down to 20-30 people!
  7. I found that I don’t really control my business and my income, and bad things can happen even when I do all the right things.

This is what I learnt and why it was worth it:

  1. When I started recieving rejections and disapprovals from some of my friends and family, I followed advice given to me at the time by my leaders: to FOCUS ON MY WHY- my reason to do this business. I knew that creating the life that I desired required some sacrifices , one of which was to deal with those rejections. I learnt that not everyone wants to take a chance to improve their life and sometimes people feel intimidated when somebody else all of a sudden decides to take a risk and go for something… My WHY was so important to me that it was much bigger that all the rejectionsI came across… SUBSCRIBE TO MY BLOG AND RECEIVE A FREE GUIDE OF MY 10 STEPS THAT WORK, TO REFOCUS ON YOUR WHY!
  2. I learnt to FORGIVE PEOPLE. I realised through Personal Development that when people are rude or angry, normally they are the ones who are hurting… I also learnt that EVERYTHING HAPPENS FOR A REASON, so if somebody doesn’t come to an appointment (or doesn’t reply to your email or Facebook message), this person is simply not meant to be in your business! No coincidences here – everyone who is meant to be in your team will be, and those who are not meant to be a part of your team, will not be, no matter how good you are approaching people!
  3. I learned that no matter what business we are in, direct sales or not, or even in a job situation – people are people. There are people who do the right things, and there are people who do the wrong things, and this business is no exception, but it doesn’t make it “bad”. It simply exposes the truth faster ( from my experience anywhere).
  4. Just like I said before: people are people… And the hard truth is – there is always a possibility that those who you though were your friends and great business colleagues, can stab you in the back… It goes for any business and any job. What I learnt in the situation is that there were really good things that came out of it – I had people who came through that particular couple who stayed in my business, grew further as leaders and I had an opportunity to travel and see amazing places! Yes – EVERYTHING HAPPENS FOR A REASON!
  5. Having a great Leader is important in our industry. However, when things changed (when my sponsor was no longer in my company), great things also opened up. I had the privilege to work with another amazing Leader, who also became my mentor. Sadly, she passed away and that was very unexpected… but I learned to take responsibility for my business and step up into a different level of Leadership myself. 
  6. When the income I created started dropping down, it was very difficult. However, what I came to realise is that when you put in place a good foundation with the right company, no matter the challenges, the income will still be there. It did drop for a while but never disappeared (after all, $6,000+ per month was still better than many incomes from jobs!). After that – the key was to continue, not to stop. Just like with shares, you don’t want to sell them at the lowest point, you hold on to them! So I decided to HOLD ON and rebuilt my business! The company also restructured into a different model just after I rebuilt my business, so I had to rebuild it again to fit into a new Marketing Plan! It was painful for a little while and my income dropped again while I was adapting to the new business model, but the change itself was very good. I am glad that I don’t have to hire hotel rooms any more – everything we do now is so much easier, through Social Media, virtual rooms, webinars… totally global business! But I still love to travel and meet my many teams in different countries in person… what a rewarding experience!
  7. I now realise that I don’t “control” my business in the sense that I dictate others what to do. I can only control what I do personally, and trust that everything that is meant to be always will be. One thing I am certain of is that WHEN A GOOD BUSINESS DECISION REQUIRES YOU TO COMPROMISE YOUR VALUES, IT’S NOT A GOOD BUSINESS DECISION. 

Despite all those challenges – we still created a 7-figure income and learnt a great deal about ourselves and others in the process! If we could do it – anyone can do it!

Stay true to yourself, go for your dreams and if your heart tells you to go for a business opportunity, go for it! No matter the challenges, you can still CREATE THE LIFE THAT YOU DESIRE!!! 

This is me with my 4th car paid for by my company… I now have a “Lifestyle Bonus” instead of a car payment to use on whatever I want…





  1. Excellent. It wasn’t easy but you achieved. And I feel there are still more amazing things on your list Lana to go for. You are truly an inspiration, great support and leadership….thank you 😊👍🏻

    Liked by 1 person

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