So, you came across a great idea how you can create extra income working part-time from the comfort of your home!

You found a great company and an awesome team with a fantastic support system – all in place for you to create your residual income and enjoy the rest of your life AFTER you build your business to a certain level.

The key word here is “AFTER”, which can happen in a few years , or even in a year or two if you find the right opportunity and a right team that is a perfect fit for you. But before that “AFTER” you have to actually find some time to build your business!

So what do you do when you have a busy, demanding job and often have to stay overtime, and when you finally come home there is a dinner to prepare, kids to take care of, piles of clothes that need to be washed and when you finally finish what you absolutely cannot move to another day, you are so tired that you can’t even think about anything else, let along DO something else on a top of what you are already doing???

I can totally relate to this and know exactly how you feel, because I felt the same way when I started building my home-based business.

When I found my opportunity, I was a full-time high school teacher, plus I had a tutoring business that I ran at home outside my work.

With 2 children, ages 10 and 15 and a husband who traveled so often for his job that he hardly was at home, it was all up to me to find that time to fit my new business in to create my future.

First  I had to get totally clear why I was prepared to sacrifice some of my valuable  time to get my business going. I realised that THE FACT THAT I DIDN’T HAVE TIME WAS THE VERY REASON WHY I HAD TO FIND TIME TO DO MY BUSINESS because I never wanted to be in the same situation again – struggling to fit everything in, feeling constantly guilty that I couldn’t spend time with my children, being stuck  in a job that was so demanding that I found myself not even enjoying it any more…

Can you relate to this? Wasn’t the reason you started with the opportunity was to get out of the situation you were in and to change your life so that you can create the future you so dream about? Are you prepared then to adjust a few things and to actually make it happen? What will it really take?

Here are 3 key things that worked for me to find time to build my dream future:

  1. PLANNING AND PRIORITISING.  There were things I absolutely had to do each day, like going to work, picking up my children from school, preparing my teaching lessons for the next day, getting dinner organised (to name a few), so I simply blocked in my diary what had to be done and was not negotiable. Then I looked for “windows” in my schedule where I could fit my business. One was my lunch time, so I made sure that I was prepared to make a few phone calls during my lunch break to book a few appointments for other “windows” of time, like weekends or evenings.  Where do you have some “windows” of time that you can utilise to fit your home-based business? Maybe spending less time in front of television? Perhaps allocating extra 30 mins per day to get involved with your support team and learn a few extra things to get moving?
  2. ATTITUDE. I had to change my attitude from a “spare time” business to a “serious, real” business. I heard an expression that when we do our business in spare time, we get spare cash, which might be fine for some people, but wasn’t OK for me as I wanted a substantial serious income. Therefore, I started treating my business as a serious business. Yes, I had a limited time at the beginning, and still had to work, but I knew that it was going to change and my business became my priority and my focus. So I planned it together with other important things – my family and my work, so my diary contained everything that was important – work, kids and  my business.
  3. KEEPING IT SIMPLE. Sometimes we get overwhelmed thinking that we have to jump in and go totally full-out, and because we can never find time to “go full out” we might never start. So the key is to do a little bit every day without trying to ” do it all” in one day. I found that it was better to be consistent on daily basis instead of having “chunks” of full involvement in the business that leads to feeling overwhelmed and tired, and then do nothing for the next few weeks. It is always more realistic to find 15-30 minutes every day , rather than wait until you have lots of spare time available to build your business. That time might never come!

Building your dream future is not as hard as you think! But you have to start with what you have right now, and adjust along the way. If you are waiting for a perfect time to start, you might miss out on creating an amazing future for yourself and your family, that you so desire. Not having time is the very reason you should find time to build it!

Contact me if you are looking for more ideas that can help you fit your business into your busy life!






  1. Hi Lana.

    Great points. As usual, well done, awesome leader. Thank you.

    Kind regards, Bozena

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