pexels-photo-416322.jpegThis is a very good question! Sometimes we get so overwhelmed with information presented to us through media, TV commercials, friend’s opinions, family influences, to name a few, that the easiest thing to do is to avoid making a decision.

So I will break it down into a few segments.

Why did we start with this particular company in a first place while there are so many companies out there? 

It wasn’t the first Direct Sales company that my husband and I came across. We were approached by a couple of our friends after we settled in Australia, found jobs and were financially “ok”,  with information about other products and opportunities,  but we just could not resinate with what was on offer even when products sounded good and it seemed that there were people in those companies making money.

What stood out for us when we were given information about THIS company, we were impressed, to say the least. And not even impressed by the lifestyle and income, which was quite evident, but the philosophy and mission behind the products.

It truly resinated with us that the products were clean, a great enhancement for our health, environmentally friendly and from many different ranges, so that there was something for everyone and people already would use similar products, so it would be as simple as changing brands and using better, cleaner, less toxic and more environmentally friendly products for their families!

So common sense made us want to at least give the products a go! Plus we found that the prices were extremely affordable as the formulas were so concentrated that they definitely worked out to be a much better value per usage than anything else we used before.

What made us continue using the products?

What we personally experienced was nothing short of a miracle… My migraines of many years of suffering disappeared within about a month of using a range of products that seemed to balance my body in a way that made me feel alive again – with more energy and vitality and less tiredness. Our then 10 y.o. son, who suffered from severe asthma, all of a sudden stopped having his asthma attacks and, to be honest, we though it was a “coincidence”, or, perhaps, it so happened that he suddenly ” grew out of it” as we read somewhere that it was possible sometimes…until we realised that our daughter’s mild asthma and hay fever was also gone, and she was 15.  Another “coincidence”?

This was only the beginning. In my 15 plus years I have seen so many “coincidences” that  for m,e as a mathematician, it would be totally inappropriate to reject the clear and obvious correlation between using the products and improved health.

Yes, we started making money as well, because we saw the results of the products on ourselves and naturally shared with our friends and family. However, no money in the world would keep us with the company if it didn’t deliver great results with the products.

What made us stay for a LONG time and continue using the products and sharing the mission of the brand?

Every company goes through different stages of growth and transformation, sometimes challenges as well. During those challenges I asked myself a question: should I stay or should I explore what is out there? And then I would always ask myself: but … what about the products???

I even did a research a couple of times, to see – if I was to leave my company (yes I had those crazy thoughts!), where would I buy similar products? And the answer was: NOWHERE!!! 

You see, there is always a possibility in ANY company that there can be potentially challenging times, and every company has different cycles, but what I know for sure is that despite challenges, my personal as well when things didn’t go to plan, I always wanted to purchase products of my company myself and I still had people in my team and my customers purchasing as well. So, despite some ups and downs, I always had my bonus cheque together with my favourite clean, healthy,  quality products!

I also found in the process, that from a business perspective, this company provides a recession-proof opportunity. People might not buy cars of houses or go on international trips when the times are tough, but they always buy everyday products, and they still want to be healthy and well.

I also actually like that we had been through some challenges, because now I know that our company is so solid that even through difficult times, including recession, not only they survived, but actually grew into a whole new re-branded and improved brand and now going forward so fast that it blows my mind off!

So, based on my first hand experiences, I would suggest to look for an opportunity that is backed up not only by a great Marketing Plan to provide income for those who want it, but also has a very unique product range or service that is in high demand and cannot be obtained anywhere else.

Because no matter how good the promise of the Marketing Plan is, if it’s not backed up by a unique product range that impacts people on a scale that they never stop purchasing it, the whole business can collapse in an instant when people lose interest in the business, because they would see no reason to continue purchasing products of no unique/high value.

The only good reason to stay in the same company for a long time is a total uniqueness of the whole product paradigm with high delivery on the promises – both from business and product perspective.

So step into finding your great company if you have an “urge” to become an entrepreneur in a great industry of Direct Sales and CREATE THE LIFE THAT YOU DESIRE!!!LanainLondon



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